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Baby’s First YouTube Video!

SPLASHorchids+ UNBOXING INVENTORY DM on instagram @splashorchids or use the inquiry box on to fill out a request. All of our inventory can be sold as is, or as part of a potted arrangement. Custom arrangements and specialty orchid orders available. Enjoy the unboxing and cat cameos! xoxoSPLASH P.S. I’m old and new to the iMovie game and the only available audio tracks to play under my video were the entire T. Swift reputation album or one episode of a sports announcer screaming into the void about baseball players? So we got Taylor. And lie to yourself all you want, EVERYONE knows Taylor IS bops.

Watch and subscribe for future videos at YouTube via the link below and catch a sneak peek of the video here!

I hope you guys enjoy and like our new inventory!


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