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Willie Wonka Vibes 🍭

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

How fun and funky fresh and gorg is this vibrant fuchsia striped phalaenopsis in this vintage Whitman’s candy box??! She deserved her own post. Contact through our inquiries box on this site, or reach out over Instagram via direct message to purchase :) Or as the kids say, slither on into the DM’s :) Otherwise, just enjoy this lovely little flower in this lovely little box.

P.S. The delicious looking potting media is actually clay pebbles. Some large cocoa pebbles and some smaller fruity ones :) Clay and other non-organic potting media is actually a great fit for the humidity levels we experience down here in Georgia (the state, not the country). In my experience, they create the most space for air flow around the roots when potted, and they don‘t break down regardless of how often you water, or what the temperatures/humidity may be. I find they also don’t seem to accumulate mold in the way that even chunkier specialty orchid barks can sometimes do, AND they're reusable between pots or plants- all you have to do is rinse! I’ve had an evolution with potting medias that I’m sure is far from complete, but of all the different recipes and low or high price point options I’ve tried, I am really enjoying the clay.

Side note: I am a big waterer. I like to water a LOT and frequency doesn’t bother me in fact it soothes me. I tend to have a harder time with the plants that don’t want my attention often enough- they tend to slip off my radar until well past when they’ve croaked their last dusty death gasp… but I digress. All this is to say, that clay works especially well for me because I like to water frequently in an already humid climate so my plants rarely run the risk of drying out. If you find yourself wanting to water once every few weeks or less, an organic, more traditional orchid mix of bark and sphagnum moss may be a better fit for your lifestyle. Play with it, see what works for you, but just know if you buy an orchid and notice a clay medium in the pot, she will be a very thirsty girl ;)

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